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My Passion


Art has so many different outlets. I love to sketch, paint and upcycle things to create different decor. Currently, I have been exploring mixed media art. My dream is to get my own small business going, selling paintings and accessories with my artwork printed on them, as well as custom paintings.


Over the past year (during my absence) I have been working hard trying to figure out how I can get this off the ground and creating pieces as well as building a website and finding outlets to promote my work and sell them.


My vision is to create custom pieces for people. I want to appeal to everyone in every different walk of life. Some will be more adult, some for children/teens, some LGBT, and some more "vanilla",


Example of what I mean by "custom" art:

A husband wants to get his wife something meaningful and memorable for their anniversary. I will have him send me information on things they enjoy doing together, places they have visited that were meaningful, photos of him and her, their favorite colors etc. I will then create a canvas with all these things in one. Collecting objects and magazine clippings and incorporate the photos and information provided to create an artistic memory.


If you would like to contribute to my dream, become a sponsor, business partner, or have any insight, I would greatly appreciate it!

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